The Ultimate Guide To Writing Your First Book


Think you have a book in you? We’ve all heard the overly quoted statistic. 81% of the population wants to write a book, but only 1% actually does. In 2016, writing and publishing a book isn’t only possible, but it’s easier than it’s even been before. There’s something amazing about being able to say you’ve […]

Do What You Can With What You Have


**For the broke, busy, and frustrated** A friend came to visit me yesterday. He’s working on creating videos for YouTube to help people learn about science. He came over to record video of my daughter as part of his new project. He had an expensive looking camera, a tripod, and microphone attached — the works. […]

How To Beat The Odds That Your Dreams Won’t Come True


Statistically speaking, your dreams won’t come true. Just look at the numbers: 77 percent of people dislike their jobs or don’t feel engaged in them. This number isn’t likely to change. Only 12 percent of people make the famed optimal-happiness-salary of 75 thousand per year ore more. 81 percent of people want to write a […]

How to Become A Billion Times Better At Your Craft


I like stealing from people. Their knowledge at least. Each time I read a new book it’s like I’ve downloaded their brain into my own. I just finished reading The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. He talks about the “Resistance,” — the evil voice of self-doubt that constantly creeps into your mind. The Resistance […]

How to Avoid Living a Life Filled With Regret


“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation.” – Henry David Thoreau My mom graduated from high school a year early. She graduated from college and got her masters degree in five years. She did everything “right”- got the grades, worked hard, climbed the ladder. She spent […]

The Ultimate Guide To Discovering Your Strengths And Talents


Forget about passion. Passion is like a unicorn in the wild. You’ve heard it exists but you’ll spend your life searching for it with no success. Instead of focusing on passion focus on strength. When you find something you’re good at, practice, and get better at it, you’ll start to feel passionate about it. Do […]

How To Work On Your Dreams When You Have No Time For Them


My daughter pisses me off sometimes. She’s six weeks old. She wakes up at the worst times of night – when I’m in a deep sleep. She starts crying in the morning right as I sit down to type and try to make a dent in the universe that day. I feel like her being […]

The Secret To Figuring Out If Your Dream Is Worth Following Is Answering One Question


There are way more than “ten steps,” to living your dream life. You won’t find all of the answers you need in a blog post. Maybe you don’t need to even have a “dream life.” Maybe dreams aren’t meant for everyone. Maybe that’s okay. For those of you who do want more, there’s a long […]

Personal Development Gone Wrong – 5 Lies Success Gurus Like To Tell


Are people who talk about personal development nothing more than snake oil salesmen? There seems to be a lot of buzz surrounding the topic lately. While everyone who writes and talks about personal development may not have the best of intentions, there are some of us out there who care about the message we’re trying […]

8 Warning Signs You’re Defeated Before You Even Start Working Towards Your Goals


Raise your hand  if you’ve failed to follow through with one of your goals? One day you’re feeling inspired. Maybe you watched a motivational TED talk or read a blog post that set your heart on fire. You’ve been wanting to make a change in your life and today’s the day you finally decide do […]